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Rapha teaches to the whole human…

…all of your parts, systems and experiences are unique and connected.

Image by Tim Chow


Our holistic approach includes several Wellness Partners practicing within their zone of genius. 


Curious about a particular area of support? 


You are invited to get to know and ask your questions to discover the best fit for YOUR needs.


Simply connect for a Discovery call directly with a Wellness Partner.

Select a practitioner below.

Lauren Ramzinsky

Integrative Body Work

& Movement

Rapha Holistic Wellness

dr rocha.JPG

Dr. LaDonna Rocha

Naturopathic doctor

The Lamp and Leaf Holistic Wellness


Jessica Blashke

Integrative Nutritionist

Calm the Chaos with Nurse Jess

Trisha Knudson


Redbird Acupuncture & Eastern Medicine


Renee Adams
Hatha & Restorative Yoga

Sandy Soul Yoga

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