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3-Day Reboot+ FAQs


What to expect during the guided 3-day reboot:

Reboot+ resets your gut-brain axis with this simple 3-day system.

One of the best things about Reboot+ is that it's only 3 days. You can do anything for 3 days right?

It's the 1st step in ridding the body of the unbalanced bacteria that causes things like digestive issues, tension, stress, inflammation, depressive states and anxiety.

Taking Reboot+ before starting the Fundamentals Pack, our award winning gut-brain axis replenishing system, will amplify the effects in your gut brain axis giving you …

  • More energy

  • More mental clarity & focus

  • Less bloat

  • More stress resilience

  • Better sleep quality

  • + Jumpstart your metabolism if weight loss is a goal

Can I do the 3-day reboot without the Fundamentals Pack replenishing system?

No, you will need to replenish your gut with the strains of beneficial bacteria starting on day 4 after doing the 3 reboot. Reboot+ comes free with your 1st purchase of any of these replenishing packs:

  • Fundamentals Pack

  • Fundamentals Pack Plus

  • Happy Juice

What you will need to order:


  • Reboot+

  • Fundamentals Pack


  • Fundamentals Pack Plus

  • GXB Fit (probiotic blend for weight/fat loss, appetite control, inflammation and bloat)

  • Edge

  • Energy+ Sugar Free

  • GBX Protein, SuperFood

  • Digestive

What do I eat during the 3 days?

  • You will want to stick to eating the foods as outlined in the Boosters section of the Reboot Guide. Keep in mind this is not a restrictive cleanse per say, you can eat as much as you want from that Boosters list over the 3 days.

Should I stop taking my other supplements and Amare products during the 3 days?

  • If this is your 1st Reboot then YES stop taking everything during the 3 days, with the exception of Amare Edge, Energy+ (sugar free), GBX Protein, SuperFood & SuperSeed (these Amare products are all Reboot friendly)

  • If this is a subsequent reboot, you can continue taking all of your supplements & Amare products during the 3 days.


Will I need to be near a bathroom during the 3 days?

  • No, Reboot is very mild and there are no harsh laxatives in the formulation.

Does Reboot+ have caffeine in it?

  • The Reboot+ does not have appreciable amounts of caffeine in it. The Green tea extract used in Reboot+ is just the catechins and antioxidants, and maybe only trace amounts of other nutrients. There is a large difference between green tea extract and matcha green tea extract. The amount of the caffeine in the Green tea is of 1% of the total extract. So it is not enough to be mentioned or cause any significant effect.

Can I drink coffee during the 3 days?

  • No, we encourage you to start tapering off caffeinated coffee and tea a few days before starting the reboot.


Where do I get my source of protein over the 3 days?

  • Your protein will come from leafy greens and beans.

Where do I get my source of carbohydrates over the 3 days?

  • Your carbs will come from low glycemic/sugar fruits, veggies, sweet potatoes and beans


Can I eat eggs during the 3 days?

  • No, you will want to avoid all animal products during the 3 days.

Can I drink bone broth during the 3 days?

  • No, you will want to avoid all animal products during the 3 days.

Can I eat quinoa during the 3 days?

  • No, you will want to avoid all grains during the 3 days.

Can I fast or juice during the 3 days?

  • No, the purpose of the 3-day reboot is to alter your gut ecology by radically shifting your diet to trigger the die off of bad gut bacteria. We do this through eating the foods outlined in the Boosters list located on the program guide over the course of 3 days.


Can I follow intermittent fasting during the 3 days?

  • Yes, just be sure to take your Reboot capsules with food

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