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1 on 1 Coaching

28 Day Metabolic Reboot

Online Programs

1 on 1 Coaching


1 on 1 coaching is custom designed for YOU.


If you are like me, you want to know, "what am I going to get?" 

We will work in close alignment together over two months to implement a number of lifestyle tools customized to meet your unique history, physiology and desire for your body, mind & soul.

Utilizing assessments, data and curiosity, I will guide you on a discovery journey for a personal blueprint to meet your wellness needs.

The framework:

  • 1-hour consultations once per month (2 total)

  • Bi-weekly follow-up appointments (30-minutes each) (4 total)

  • Weekly e-mail check-ins

  • As needed voice/text support

  • Personalized movement, nutrition & supplement recommendations

  • Lifestyle tools to handle stress, move more and sleep better

  • Recommendations for healthy meals and food preparation

  • Up to 20% off any recommended supplements


3 Openings 

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Reboot Retreat

Immersive Wellness Retreat

Join Lauren & her team of wellness practitioners for 3 Nights & 2 Days on the beautiful Texas Coast for an immersive personal wellness experience.

Attend alone or grab up to 4 friends to Reboot your metabolism, nervous system and lifestyle to optimize your health.

  • Chef prepared organic, whole foods menu

  • Personalized fitness & movement schedule

  • Personalized root cause assessments & 30-day goal specific blueprint

  • Breathwork, Bodywork, and Beach time


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Online Programs

6 week Course to Learn to Ditch Dieting & Improve Fat Loss

App Based Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Get the programming & Get to Work

Access to Lessons & Workouts 

Online Fitness
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Unlearn what you think it takes to lose fat & feel good.
I'll teach you to stop chasing short term solutions to change a lifetime of patterns.

I'm going to blow your MIND!

28 Day Metabolic Reboot: 

Nutrition & Movement Plan: Fed & Fit Academy App

Bi-Weekly Coaching Consultation (3 total)

Weekly Learning Series

Email/text Support

Group Community & Support

Starts October 17th

Ready, but not sure where to start?

Discovering the right personalized plan on your own can be difficult, but I'm here to help!


Whether your goals point in the direction of focusing more on nutrition, fitness or lifestyle changes, I'll guide you to discover what you REALLY want to improve: mood, metabolism & motivation to feel Fed, Fit & Fulfilled.


I will get to work and recommend your personalized plan. 

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