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Early this year I responded to deep unrest in my soul, by exploring some "What the heck is going on in my mind, body and spirit?"

I was stuck.

My body was screaming at me, a response triggered by to Long Covid. I experienced neuropathy in my feet, pain in my body, muscle contractures, food intolerances, impaired mental function and more mysterious signals.

Talk about freaking out!!! I searched and searched someone or something to "fix" me.

The urge to experience the fullness of life instead of going through the motions while feeling fatigue, body aches, anxiety and depression like a robot felt impossible. So, I ignored it until I couldn't.

Gratefully, God provided me with amazing support in the form of a mentors, coaches, family, friends and....guts. He also aligned some twists and turns in my professional path that I never saw coming. I sold my ownership in my brick-and-mortar fitness studio and said a bittersweet goodbye to amazing clients and staff.

Rona wreaked on nervous system, gut health and lifestyle, so I got curious. After all, I'm a nerdy health coach who assists others in optimizing their bodies.

I preach and teach my clients the importance of self-care to be better wives, mothers, friends, employees, bosses, and humans and to thrive by listening to their bodies.

News body was screaming for me to listen, and I had ignored her for a long time.

I had stuff to get done! Do all the things. Please all the people. Help all the people.

Yet, I hadn't seen my aging parents or family for longer than a quick trip with a lunch and surface catch up chat. When I wasn't working, I couldn't muster the energy to engage with my husband, friends or grandkids.

I took a leap of faith by responding to the God nudge for more, for different, for change.

Change for me and for how I can serve my clients.

I have completely revamped my health coaching models to include more....

And... it's scary as heck! Why?

The fear stems from doing a new thing. Sound the does not feel safe.

I can deliver a workout or meal plan for "results", but that is NOT transformation. It is a temporary fix.

I have the lived experience of my clients and many of you, signing up for the next cool workout, meal plan, gadget, plan, app to get me to my next fitness goal. I learned it. I taught it.

I have coached 1000's improve their health but something was missing, the MORE.

More includes looking at a lifetime of patterns, releasing traditional ideas of hiring a health coach and discovering through deep work how to listen, love and nourish your mind, body and soul.

So....what am I doing and how am doing it?

I'm excited to work with clients ready for more than a quick fix and an integrative holistpproach to wellness.

I offer limited coaching opportunities to hold a safe container for change for each applicant to my programs.

You can check out a glimpse at Follow my Facebook and Instagram to catch more details.

Coaching with Lauren Ramzinsky Wellness starts September 19th and applications open soon.

Cheers to change!



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